Infrastructure Status - Online

Project Storage Project Storage
SourceForge Hosted Code
Web, Forum & Wiki intermittent


Over the past few days our project hosting platform has been unavailable. This is due to a infrastrure issue. They are in currently in the process of restoring their services using backups, but it is tediously slow going. You can read about the issues here - sourceforge infrastructure restoration

Niftools status

The main project site itself is now back up online - niftools project, but it has limited functionality. The main impact to the community his that we are using the hosted forums, wiki & project downloads.

For developers the impact has been miminal as our code is mostly migrated to github. Some remaining loose ends have cropped up through this process, so that is something we will be working to improve on.

Minions have been dispatched.

We will aim to keep things up to date as things happen but for the moment we are relying on to bring their infrastructure online again.

Follow the latest updates via twitter - @niftools or join us in Chat.